Get set, let's travel!

Make your holiday as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Use this pre-departure guide to travel in confidence knowing you’re as organised and prepared as you can be.
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What to pack:

Don't forget the essentials...

  • Power Adaptor - Have you invested in a power adaptor specific for your destination?
  • Medication - If you require prescription medication, ensure you pack it in your carry-on luggage. It’s a good idea to have a letter from your GP, stating the name of the medicine, how much you are taking, and that it is for your personal use. 
  • Prohibited items - Make sure you don’t pack any prohibited items in your holiday goodies. Check here: www.travelsecure.infrastruc
  • LAGs Bag - For international travel be sure to pack your carry-on liquids, aerosols & gel products in a clear zip-lock bag. Maximum size you can carry on is 100mls or risk them being kept at Customs.
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Arrive without a hitch:

Items to confirm before you depart...

  • Travel Insurance - Travel smart, travel safe. Travel insurance is essential and covers things like medical costs, lost luggage... 
  • Passport in-check? Did you know that most countries require at least six months validity on your passport for entry.
  • Do you need a Visa? Check out to check if your holiday destination requires a visa for entry. 
  • Any cash handy? Have you converted some cash into the local currency for your arrival? It’s always nice to have a little cash for food & beverage or the taxi when you arrive. 
  • Vaccinations? Check with your GP for recommended vaccinations for your destination. Some vaccinations can be an entry requirement for certain countries. Also find out about taking medication overseas - certain medicines aren’t allowed in some countries.

For more information on prohibited and restricted goods, duty-free limits and the tourism refund scheme, visit the Australian Government website –