That winning feeling at the 2019 National Travel Industry Awards

August 5, 2019

For travel agents, the National Travel Industry Awards are industry’s Oscars. The awards are the ultimate recognition of excellence and professionalism, and a huge amount of effort goes into nominee submissions from over 1000 travel industry participants and the 200 that progress to the finalist round.

This year’s worthy winners have received their prized plaques, accolades and deserved moments in the spotlight on the industry’s biggest stage. In the afterglow of the awards gala, asked a few what winning a

National Travel Industry Award means to them.

 Image: NTIA formalities were led by international award winning personality and TV journalist, Anjali Rao.

Here’s what they had to say.

Chris Goddard of Maxim’s Travel in Sydney was named Best Travel Agency Manager – Corporate Single Location.

“Aside from celebrating the achievements of the industry, winning a National Travel Industry Award validates the decisions that you make within your business”, says Chris.  Chris describes the NTIAs as being the benchmark for industry achievement, and as “aspirational as much as they are inspirational.”

“Our win galvanises the already tight Maxim’s team, and is a testament to the service they deliver relentlessly to our clients”, he says.

Those clients not only enjoy the award-winning service of Chris and his team, they also enjoy the peace-of-mind that Maxim’s ATAS accreditation delivers.
“our ATAS accreditation is a huge driver of trust and reassurance for our clients and prospective ones”, says Chris.

Debbi Ashes, Owner & Manager of Helloworld Travel Lane Cove, was named Best Travel Agency Manager – Leisure Single Location. For Debbi, NTIA awards bring important recognition from and across the industry.

 “It’s the ultimate compliment to myself the brilliant team who work with me daily”, says Debbi. “We always go the extra yard to deliver the best possible service to each and every client and supplier”, she adds. As the owner of an ATAS-accredited travel agency, Debbi understands the value of trust.

“You need to earn your clients trust by delivering what you promise”, she says.
Veronika Panzic, Touring Travel Consultant at Show Group Enterprise, was named Best Travel Consultant

Corporate, and was understandably elated.

“To receive this recognition amongst the travel industry’s highest achievers in a role I am so passionate about, is amazing”, said Veronika.

“These awards make you appreciate what a fantastic industry we are in, and it means so much to me to be a part of it”, she added.
Kathy Millett, Personal Travel Manager at Travel Managers, was named Best Mobile Travel Advisor, an award that highlights the growing ‘mobile’ sector of the industry.

“This is the pinnacle of my many years in the industry, and a personal achievement I’m very proud of”, she says.
“My clients have been incredible enthusiastic in their support of this recognition – it has been very humbling on all fronts”, adds Kathy who also ensures those clients grasp the benefits of working with an ATAS-accredited travel agent.

“ATAS is, without a doubt, a secure ‘backstop’ for any who doubt the added value of booking with an accredited agent”, she asserts.

AFTA congratulates all 2019 NTIA winners, and encourage travel agents from every corner of the country to consider entering the 2020 awards.

ATAS-accredited travel agents – Experience you can trust.


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