The Top 5 Benefits of Booking With Flight Centre

October 15, 2015

Words by Carlie Tucker

Flight Centre is an ATAS accredited travel agency, which comes with a range of benefits.

Here are the top five:

Work with Travel Experts
Booking with a Flight Centre travel consultant comes with the peace of mind in knowing that you’re dealing with an expert who not only knows about all aspects of travel, but is committed to the professional standards that come with working for an industry leader.

Convenience & Knowledgeable Guidance
Gone are the days of sifting through seemingly countless travel options. Let a Flight Centre travel consultant do all the work for you with one appointment, phone call or email. From detailed holiday packages to  a simple overnight stay, your Flight Centre consultant will not only be able to make your booking for you, but they’ll be able to provide expert guidance on hotels, flights and packages that best suit your needs.

Value & Savings
Imagine having the power of every travel booking site at your disposal. Now throw in a few exclusive deals that are only available to you. This is what it’s like when you book with a Flight Centre travel consultant. Flight Centre is not only able to access exclusive offers that won’t be found anywhere else to ensure value and savings, but each airfare quote comes with a lowest airfare guarantee.

Enjoy The Personalised Experience
Flight Centre consultants offer a personal touch that will not be found through other booking mediums. Whether it’s tailoring a detailed itinerary to meet your expectations or providing helpful guidance on international visas or frequent flyer programs, Flight Centre provides a personalised experience that covers all aspects of booking your holiday.

24/7 Emergency Support
Flight Centre is always available to take care of you if things change or go wrong. Providing 24-hour emergency support seven days a week around the globe, you can rest assured that if you need help, you can count on our travel experts. 

ATAS travel agents recommend that Australia passport holders register for travel alerts before they travel.


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