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Whether you're heading to Perth, Margaret River, Exmouth and the Coral Coast, Broome and the Dampier Peninsula, or Esperance and Western Australia’s outback, a local West Australian travel agent can inspire, advise and shoulder the load of doing all the planning yourself.

Becoming an ATAS-accredited travel agent is a challenging process. Western Australia travel agents who pursue ATAS accreditation complete a stringent application process, meeting the strictest criteria that ensures only the very best bear the ATAS insignia. Western Australia travel agents who receive their ATAS accreditation are required to conduct business in compliance with Australian Consumer Law and in accordance with the ATAS Charter and Code of Conduct.

ATAS accredited agents are travel professionals with access to a huge range of dependable, great value travel products in Australia and around the world, the most reliable travel operators and suppliers, special offers, VIP perks and privileges. ATAS accredited agents provide friendly, efficient service and convenient, hassle-free travel planning, from start to finish.

Heading West? So, where do you start?

Western Australia is enormous, covering almost the entire western third of the continent, and home to some of Australia’s finest travel experiences. Whether you’re a foodie, have an interest in indigenous cultures, flora and fauna, beaches and reefs, gold and gems and pearls, or love nothing more than getting to know what makes a modern city tick, Western Australia has it all.

If you’re a first-timer, seriously, where should you start? Perth? Broome? Margaret River? Could you combine them all in your precious holiday time? These are common questions, and who better to answer them than an ATAS accredited Western Australia travel agent with expert local knowledge and all the tools required to help you plan the perfect break in WA.

Kings Park and Botanical Garden
Kings Park and Botanical Garden. Photo credit, Tourism Western Australia.

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PERTH – One of the world’s most isolated major cities

Founded in 1829, Western Australia’s capital is one of the most isolated cities on the planet. How isolated? Well, for context, it’s closer to Jakarta than to Sydney, for example. Like a number of Australian cities, Perth’s population initially boomed on the back of gold rushes in the late 19th century. These days, Perth is a thriving, modern city that brims with restaurants, bars, shopping and cultural attractions. It’s also home to Kings Park - one of the largest city parks in the world.

Perth is the gateway to WA—typically the first port of call for leisure and business travellers alike. It enjoys an annual calendar of wonderful cultural and sporting events, and is the leaping-off point for travellers visiting just about every corner of the state. Before they do so, however, the city’s charms like Cottesloe Beach, nearby wineries and family-friendly attractions keep visitors entertained and whet the appetite for more WA experiences.

The glorious Swan River flows through Perth, it’s foreshore connecting many parts of the city. Much of the city’s recreation takes place on the river and its banks. Follow the river downstream to Fremantle by the waters of the Indian Ocean, and you’ll pass some of Perth's fanciest riverside residences. Alternatively, head towards the river’s upper reaches to discover the state’s oldest wine region - the Swan Valley.

Perth is blessed with a multitude of accommodation and touring options. ATAS accredited Western Australia travel agents can help you piece together the perfect combination for your next trip. What’s more, they’ll be in your corner should your arrangements be unexpectedly disrupted while you travel.


Actually, if you’re planning your trip with an ATAS accredited Western Australia travel agent, you’re unlikely to get lost on Rottnest—an absolute favourite getaway for locals and visitors alike.

Rottnest sits in the Indian Ocean just 18 kilometres from Fremantle at the mouth of the Swan River. Ferry transfers to the island depart from both Fremantle and Perth, taking roughly 25 minutes and 45 minutes respectively.

Perhaps best known for its population of small native marsupial's, quokkas, Rottnest is also home to colonies of southern fur seals and Australian sea lions. The island’s stunning beaches and coves are a world-class drawcard, and can be explored on day trips or as part of a multi-day getaway. Consult a Western Australia travel agent to help you plan the perfect visit to Rottnest.

Aerial view of Rottnest Island
Aerial view of Rottnest Island. Photo credit, Tourism Western Australia.


Depending on what your personal interests are, Margaret is either synonymous with fabulous food and wine, or world-class surf. Or both.

This is a region of premium wines and stunning scenery, the ideal destination for a road trip from Perth—a little over three hours away by road. The climate in WA’s south-west is often described as Mediterranean which is apt when you see rolling vineyards set beside sea and forest backdrops.

Beyond the more than 100 wineries, this region is blessed with fine restaurants, craft breweries, art galleries and fresh produce that’s the envy of the world. If you prefer surfboards to cheese-boards, the dozens of spectacular surf breaks along the coast here will keep you very busy indeed.

Time your visit to coincide with a local food festival, like Manjimup’s ‘Truffle Kerfulle’—a celebration of local black truffles—and you’ll meet farmers and growers, and indulge in culinary experiences as good as you’ll find anywhere. Chat to your favourite ATAS accredited Western Australia travel agent and you’ll time your visit to perfection. Not only that, but your holiday will run like clockwork.

Pullman Bunker Bay Resort, Margaret River Region
Pullman Bunker Bay Resort, Margaret River Region. Photo credit, Tourism Western Australia


For decades, the dolphin encounters of Monkey Mia—900 kilometres north of Perth—were what brought most visitors to this stretch of Western Australia’s coast. But these days, the entire Coral Coast—a region that starts just a few hours drive north of Perth—offers an incredible, diverse range of unique experiences.

Here you’ll find World Heritage-listed Shark Bay and Ningaloo Reef – the world’s largest fringing reef directly accessible from the stunning beaches and one of the few places where you can swim with gentle whale sharks. Enjoy some of Australia's freshest crayfish at Cervantes, take off in world-class surf breaks, or marvel at the world’s biggest natural wildflower show. Explore the extraordinary landscapes of the Pinnacles Desert, or enter Kalbarri’s dramatic 400-million-year-old river gorges.

The options here are almost endless so tap into the local knowledge and first-hand experience of a Western Australia travel agent to ensure your Coral Coast experience is a perfect fit.

Snorkelling, Ningaloo Marine Park
Snorkelling, Ningaloo Marine Park. Photo credit, Tourism Western Australia.


More than 2200 kilometres from Perth, Broome is the pearl capital of Australia and a gateway to the breath-taking Kimberley region. Since the 1800s, the pearl industry drew people seeking their fortune in gold-rush fashion. Pearlers from the Philipines, Japan and Malay divers, in particular, produced a cultural melting pot that is still reflected in Broome today.

Visit and you can explore the local Chinatown, iconic Cable Beach, Sun Pictures—the oldest operating outdoor cinema in the world, dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point, and—from March to October when the full moon coincides with low tide at Roebuck Bay—the renowned illusion known as the Staircase to the Moon.

Accommodation in Broome ranges from high-luxury to low-cost, and some months of year are particularly busy, so consult an ATAS accredited Western Australia travel agent for best results.

Camel riding along Cable Beach, Broome
Camel riding along Cable Beach, Broome. Photo credit, Tourism Western Australia. 


Esperance is a town on Western Australia's Southern Ocean coastline in the Goldfields-Esperance region some 700 kilometres from Perth. French explorers are credited with the first landfall here whilst sheltering from a storm in 1792, naming it after a French ship—the Espérance.

Esperance's natural attractions—its beaches, turquoise sea, pristine islands and wildflower country—make it an idyllic spot to escape the every-day. Popular with anglers and surfers, visitor experiences in Esperance extend to 4WD beach safaris, Indigenous cultural tours and island cruises. The town is, remarkably, even home to pieces of NASA's Sklylab space-station that fell back to Earth in 1979.

Contact an ATAS-accredited Western Australia travel agent to make the most of any trip to WA or a cheeky Esperance getaway.

Red Bluff, Kalbarri National Park
Red Bluff, Kalbarri National Park. Photo credit, Tourism Western Australia.


There is so much more to Western Australia than what we’ve covered here. Take a look at a map and you’ll see the vast areas of WA’s Golden Outback regions. Out here you’ll find Kalgoorlie—the biggest city in Australia's legendary outback. Nearly 600 kilometres from Perth, this is a place with an astonishing history of gold-rush riches evident in the city’s many elaborate heritage buildings. Huge mining operations continue today, the most notable being the legendary Super Pit— an open-cut gold mine more than 3 kilometres long, 1.5 kilometres wide, and more than 500 metres deep.

Visitors out this way also encounter the world famous Wave Rock and springtime wildflower displays near the town of Hyden. The Golden Outback is also home to Mount Augustus, a monolith twice the size of Uluru, and ancient Aboriginal cultural experiences.

No matter where your next W.A. adventure takes you, tackle the planning with an ATAS accredited Western Australia travel agent. You'll travel with the confidence of having a professional in your corner every step of the way.

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