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The Australian Government provides travel advice to help you make well-informed travel decisions. Use this destination intelligence when planning your holiday to stay informed and travel safely!

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Latest Smartraveller Alerts

United Kingdom ›

27 May 2017

Following a terrorist attack in Manchester on 22 May 2017, which resulted in a number of deaths and injuries, the UK Government has deployed armed soldiers in UK cities to assist police with security. Continue to avoid the area surrounding the Manche … View Smartraveller Advice

Sri Lanka ›

27 May 2017

Travellers are advised of localised flooding throughout the Western, Southern and Sabaragamuwa provinces of Sri Lanka including the tourist areas of Colombo, Galle, Matara and Hambantota. Further heavy rain is forecast. Be aware of flash flooding, ex … View Smartraveller Advice

Egypt ›

26 May 2017

On 26 May 2017, an attack by gunmen on a bus carrying Coptic Christians in Minya resulted in a number of deaths and injuries. Travellers are reminded of the present threat of terrorism in Egypt. Terrorist attacks could occur at any time and anywhere … View Smartraveller Advice

Philippines ›

26 May 2017

The deterioration in security in Mindanao has resulted in a more volatile security environment in the Philippines. Travellers are reminded of the high threat of terrorist attack in the Philippines, including Manila.  Exercise heightened caution at th … View Smartraveller Advice

Niger ›

26 May 2017

This advice has been reviewed and updated with new information regarding the updated travel advice issued by the United Kingdom government regarding recent reports that terrorist groups may be targeting international humanitarian workers in Diffa pro … View Smartraveller Advice

Côte d'Ivoire ›

26 May 2017

There is an increased risk of demonstrations and protests in Côte d'Ivoire. Protest action by members of the Ivorian armed forces took place across the country in January and May 2017. Avoid protests and large public gatherings as they have the poten … View Smartraveller Advice

Brazil ›

26 May 2017

Large protests are expected to take place in coming weeks in response to recent political developments. The President has authorised the military to enforce law and order in the Federal District of Brasília until 31 May 2017. Avoid all demonstrations … View Smartraveller Advice

Tunisia ›

26 May 2017

This advice has been reviewed and remains current. We continue to advise Australians to reconsider travel to Tunisia because of the high threat of terrorist attack. Higher levels apply in some parts of the country. View Smartraveller Advice

Austria ›

26 May 2017

This advice has been reviewed and remains current. Australians should exercise normal safety precautions in Austria. View Smartraveller Advice

Lebanon ›

25 May 2017

Travellers are reminded of the threat of terrorism in Lebanon. Terrorist attacks could occur anywhere, at any time, in Lebanon. Be vigilant about your surroundings. Follow local authorities' advice. Monitor the media for developments which may impact … View Smartraveller Advice

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