Lodge a Complaint

We recognise that sometimes things don’t always go to plan.

As part of the commitment to high industry standards and professionalism, all ATAS accredited agents are bound by the voluntary ATAS Code of Conduct.

The Code sets out the high standards of service delivery required and provides suitable consequences when these requirements are not met. AFTA manages complaints in line with the Code and can assist with eligible complaints where a breach of the Code has been alleged.

Prior to AFTA accepting a complaint, you are required in the first instance to lodge a complaint with the agent. Most complaints can be resolved at this stage. If you are not satisfied with the outcome from the agent, you may then lodge a complaint with AFTA.

To understand how AFTA manages complaints and complaint eligibility under the Code please refer to the 'How can we help?' section.

Follow the simple 4-step process below to submit your complaint.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Can’t find your ATAS agent? Send us an enquiry and we’ll confirm if they are ATAS Accredited.

Note: If the travel agent you dealt with is not ATAS accredited, you should contact your state or territory Consumer Protection Agency for further advice and assistance. Click here for further details.

If your booking was booked by another person, who dealt with the Agent? (this person is the lead passenger).


Complaint 2

Complaint 3

If you do not consent, and AFTA determine that such disclosure is necessary for procedural fairness, the complaint will be classified as ineligible for review.

Please submit all relevant supporting documentation at this time for consideration of your complaint. AFTA may request further information if deemed necessary following the initial assessment.

i.e. itinerary, written communications, photos, phone recording, emails and agent response if you have submitted a complaint directly.

Accepted file formats: pdf, jpeg, png, word

If you have a sound file or recording of conversations we will contact you to discuss options of submitting. Do not upload via this form.