4 Reasons Why Using An Accredited Travel Agent Saves You Time

April 17, 2018

When you buy a flight for a holiday, it’s the most exciting way to wade through plenty of hours researching and stalking friends and family members on Instagram and Facebook for suggestions and recommendations. Whether you plan a trip for Australia tourist destinations or world travel, it is important to compare a few relevant points, when it comes to choosing between DIY travels or using a travel agent. Then when selecting a travel agent, it is also crucial to find the right one.

ATAS travel agents meet strict standards with a selection criteria they must meet to enable their national accreditation, and to prove they are the industry’s best, which provides reassurance that they’re credible, suitably trained and professionally upstanding in their field. This lets you book your travel plans with a provider knowing you’re in the safe care, via a trusted and reputable travel agent business.

Having a travel agent on your side also gives you some recourse as opposed to organising things yourself, as these accredited businesses have the existing networks and industry know-how to get you what you need, and represent you if push comes to shove. Having someone bigger to bat on your behalf can see you benefit from their wisdom. Allow them to act as your middleman where needed.

Don’t discount the importance of a devil’s advocate in present times. Let’s explore how to save time and hassles, via using the services of an ATAS accredited travel agent. Here’s just some of the many reasons we love using travel agents when planning a trip abroad.

1) Skip the Stress

Holidays should be stress free. You want to be able to set and forget, then enjoy when the time comes.

Problems whilst travelling can be overcome easier when you have an accredited travel agent acting on your behalf. For instance, if flights are delayed or cancelled, there’s a need to reschedule, if your organised operator suddenly goes under, or an unforeseen event impacts your route (from natural disasters to medical or personal accidents), a travel agent can provide invaluable insight, experienced support and assistance to bypass obstacles in a timely, more cost-efficient manner. In some cases, this can mean the difference between life and death, both figuratively and literally.

Stranded at a foreign airport, you may have no internet, phone access or time to fix any issues that arise whilst you’re away. Don’t make it your problem. If you need to resuscitate your travel plans if disaster strikes, the knowledge of a travel agent can take the weight off your shoulders, when you’re in a foreign land.

2) Time Saving Expertise

An accredited travel agent has a wealth of travel resources at their disposal, which saves you unnecessary hours of self investigation that can cause frustration. Don’t get overwhelmed, get smart and use the streamlined skills of a trained travel professional.

Accredited travel agents have undertaken courses to become destination and product experts. They know better than anyone how to sift through, and siphon down the countless offers, plus multitude of travel options available. Travel agents can quote you on all the aspects you need, on various itineraries, so you can get down to business and make the choices.

3) Cost-effectiveness

Evaluating their trade knowledge and network to yours, displays the prowess of accredited travel agents, when it comes to accessing the best products, chain of suppliers, and latest release offers that you may not have access to. This ensures you get the advantage of their economies of scale, which entitles you to better quality travel experiences, at more cost-effective prices.

Accredited travel agents work for their clients, not travel suppliers. Allowing a travel agent to do the hard yards and ground work for you, means they’ll filter your options to your preferences, weed out scams, and provide the recommendations which suit you best, whilst making the most sense.

Having a tailored package or itinerary that meets all your needs can be priceless. Be guided to the top restaurant, right museum, or out of the ordinary excursion that you may not have found otherwise. Get the perfect trip for you, so you do it right the first time.

4) Clarity

Travel agents can measure up the difference between various suppliers, as they’ve experienced them first hand. This can give you real impartial highlights, plus insights. Evaluate rather than speculate, when it comes to the best places in Australia or the world. You can let them know your priorities, and then weigh up the options presented, based on first-hand advice. Accredited travel agents are vetted to give the guidance travellers need, to ensure they get to where they want to be and when, with professional support and ease.

Whether deciding on overseas or Australia tourist destination, there is more to plan a trip, than meets the eye. Select an accredited travel agent to deliver things, via the ATAS directory, and they’ll cross reference all the recent changes, whilst remembering to tick all the relevant boxes. Relax, knowing they’ll keep you organised, when it comes to passport tips, visa requirements, vaccinations and other aspects you may not remember to consider – as opposed to when you’re scrambling to arrange everything yourself.

An accredited travel agent acts as a “one-stop shop” to handle every aspect of travel, so that things match up smoothly whether it’s baggage and changeovers (as they know the airports when booking airline tickets, and ground transfers), tours and activities (don’t get left behind), hotel room or location differences, travel insurance or otherwise. This ensures nothing is overlooked and often works out cheaper too, especially when it comes to complicated itineraries and clarifying the fine print on penalties, plus restrictions.

The value-added benefits provided by the personal touch of travel agents include an extra pair of eyes to review the accuracy of booking details, visa application assistance, travel documentation compilation, invaluable hints, ease of paperwork (especially with passport numbers and frequent flyer details), plus often even 24-hour local emergency contact where needed.

If you want to learn more about ATAS, be sure to review other handy tips in the regular ATAS blog articles – to keep your finger on the pulse of hot travel topics.

Whether you seek further guidance on tourist spots in Australia and internationally, or need to know the best places to visit in Australia or for your world travels – you can rely on ATAS.

See this link for more travel hints, to make life easier, and travel better when an ATAS travel agent has your back! Remember, they can access exclusive deals or find you superior products, offering the most value to match your unique travel needs. Try it for yourself to experience why they’re proven to provide a service that’s better, faster, and more affordable, than you can achieve yourself.

Want to compare travel plans? Contact an ATAS accredited travel agent to help today.

Find a local ATAS accredited travel agent near you here to contrast the options out there. Travel the world with ATAS by your side, and enjoy the confidence experience brings.


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