Reasons to Holiday in Australia

February 2, 2018

Australians love to roam! We’re known to be avid travellers, happy to get along with anyone and settle anywhere for awhile. This wanderlust could be put down to Australia’s relative isolation, leading to an insatiable curiosity to discover what’s on the other side of the oceans.

Yet Australians who have travelled extensively invariably return with an even greater love for our vast and beautiful land. It isn’t until you look from a distance that you see the whole picture. On a more practical level, there are some very cost-effective international holiday packages that Australia can’t beat. But there are many other types of holiday that we do better than anywhere in the world at very reasonable prices.

So if you’re stressing over airfares, passports, visas, vaccinations and travel insurance, take a deep breath and read these 4 reasons to reconsider Australia as your next holiday destination.

1. Cuisine, Coffee and Wine

Thanks to an influx of nationalities and skills from around the world, Australia is rapidly becoming lauded for its exquisite and varied cuisine, coffee and wine.

Food is extraordinarily varied in our capital cities, with clear influences from Asia, Africa and Europe, often cleverly evolved into delicious fusion cuisine. If you need your coffee, Melbourne is well known for its cafe culture, and Perth has some of the cutest cafes for sitting outdoors and watching the world go by, Parisian style.

The wines of Australia are also right up there when it comes to comparison with other wine producing countries. Many of our wines are highly respected, winning international awards and top reviews. Even our boutique breweries are getting plenty of attention.  Not only that, but our winery / brewery regions make fabulous holiday destinations. Margaret River, for example, easily rivals the France for its rolling countryside, delicious food and undulating coastline.

2. The Wilderness

Australia simply can’t be beaten for vast and varied natural wilderness areas. We so often live in our little urban bubbles and forget there’s a whole world of stunning landscapes and adventure right in our back yard.

To name just a few wilderness holiday destinations in Australia, consider the wild and rugged Kimberley region, virtually the whole of Tasmania, tropical Daintree Rainforest, pretty Kangaroo Island, iconic Kakadu National Park and breathtaking Kosciuszko National Park. There remain some uncharted areas of the Kimberley, which makes this a true wilderness region, best explored on an adventure boat cruise or a holiday package at El Questro Wilderness Park.

Half of Tasmania is taken up with wilderness parks and reserves, with some beautiful walk trails and gorgeous little B&Bs around the coast. Serious fishing enthusiasts should go there for a fly fishing adventure.

The Daintree is a World Heritage listed rainforest, which has been likened to Jurassic Park for its lush, primeval vegetation. It also runs right down to the beach at on Cape Tribulation, giving you the best of both natural worlds.

Kangaroo Island is basically a great big nature reserve, famous for its sea lions and koalas. There are some lovely holiday homes and retreats here – ideal for a truly relaxed, messing-about sort of holiday.

Kakadu – made famous by Crocodile Dundee – is indeed a haven for crocs. It’s also incredibly biodiverse and presents a fascinating look at Aboriginal history and culture.

Kosciuszko, within the Snowy Mountains, is home to our popular ski holiday destinations, Perisher and Thredbo. At other times of year, it’s a wonderful place for camping, hiking, mountain biking and exploring caves.

3. Beaches

Yes, we do go on about our unbeatable beaches, but with good reason. Not only do we have hundreds of them, but they’re complemented by crystal blue ocean, fringing coral reefs, and weather that enables us to enjoy them. Most are also unbelievably quiet! You can often look for miles along stretches of sand and see hardly a soul – something that Europeans find hard to fathom.

Cable Beach in WA has to get a mention for its firey sunsets and camel treks, but look also to the south of the state, east of Esperance, for the most delightful, quiet, icing-sugar-soft beaches. Check out Hellfire Bay, Twilight Beach and Lucky Bay.

Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas, QLD, isn’t just long – it’s bordered by tropical forest, providing the benefit of shady palm trees, and is a great spot for families to stay, play and swim.

Hyams Beach, on Jervis Bay in NSW, is quite breathtaking, with its whiter-than-white sand and calm, clear water, ideal for snorkelling, swimming and paddle boarding. There are some lovely holiday homes around here.

On Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays is the extraordinary, unspoilt Whitehaven Beach, accessible only by boat, seaplane or helicopter. The Whitsundays are a gem that Australians need to visit at least once.

Finally, a shout out for Australia’s excellent surf beaches around the coast, notably Margaret River, Bells Beach and Noosa. Not quite Hawaii, but pretty good nonetheless.

4. It’s Easy and Safe

One last, great big reason to holiday in Australia is the easy and relatively clean, safe environment that we’re blessed with. For families and seniors in particular, these aspects of our country make holidaying at home very appealing. Compared to exotic international destinations, it’s much easier to holiday at home with peace of mind.

Whether you’re looking ahead to the next school holidays, planning a family holiday, or just wanting to explore your home country a little more deeply, get in touch your local ATAS travel agent. They can help you narrow down the options, organise transport and find the perfect place to stay.

Australians are great travellers, but do we spend enough time exploring our own country? There are some fabulous holidays in Australia to be had. Here are just 4 of many reasons to holiday at home, and 9 Tourist Places in Australia That Even Locals Miss.

Are you ready to plan a holiday in Australia? Find your local ATAS accredited travel agent here and ask them to find the best options and travel itinerary for you.


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