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Australian's take around 10 million trips overseas each year. To help Australia's avoid difficulties whilst travelling the Australian Government provides travel advice on more than 170 destinations. The aim is to help Aussies make informed travel decisions. The travel alerts highlight the threats that you could face at your destination, whether related to security, safety, health, local laws, or natural disasters. They also highlight areas that are clearly not safe for travel.

You should use this destination intelligence when planning your holiday to stay informed and travel safely!

Smartraveller - are you registered?

Additionally, whether you are travelling overseas for leisure or business the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade recommends that you register your travel plans with before you leave Australia. This helps the Government contact you or your family in the event of an emergency.

Latest Travel Alerts

Keep up to date with the latest travel warnings and alerts across the world before you depart on your trip.

North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)

23 July 2019

??We?ve reviewed our travel advice. We haven?t changed the level ? ?reconsider your need to travel? to North Korea, due to the very different laws affecting visitors and the uncertain security situation. Our ability to provide consular assistance in …


23 July 2019

This travel advice has been reviewed and includes an update on entry and exit conditions, and civil unrest and political tension. The level of our advice hasn't changed - exercise normal safety precautions. 


23 July 2019

We've reviewed our travel advice for Italy. We haven?t changed the level - exercise normal safety precautions.


22 July 2019

The security situation in Somalia is highly volatile and there is an ongoing very high threat of terrorist attack. On 13 July 2019, an attack at a hotel in the city of Kismaayo in southern Somalia killed 26 people and left over 50 injured. There has …


22 July 2019

We've reviewed our travel advice for Honduras, including an update on demonstrations and protests currently occurring (see civil unrest and political tension). We haven't changed the level - exercise a high degree of caution overall. Higher levels ap …


21 July 2019

British Airways said on 20 July 2019 that it had suspended flights to Cairo for seven days as a security precaution. Other airlines may be affected. The level of our advice has not changed. Reconsider your need to travel to Egypt overall. Higher leve …


19 July 2019

We?ve reviewed our travel advice for Latvia. We haven?t changed the level ? exercise normal safety precautions.


19 July 2019

We've reviewed our travel advice for Chile, including updates on safety and security, and crime. We haven't changed the level - exercise normal safety precautions.                                         


19 July 2019

We've reviewed our travel advice for Pakistan. We haven't changed our level of advice ? 'reconsider your need to travel' to Pakistan and 'do not travel' to the border areas with India and Afghanistan.

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