What areas are deemed ineligible areas of complaints for Dispute Resolution?

Complaints not eligible for review include those where:

  • It would be unreasonable to pursue a matter that is more than six months old;
  • The incident giving rise to the complaint occurred before the participant became accredited;
  • Identical events and facts as a previous complaint lodged with ATIA;
  • There’s an allegation or finding of:
    • corruption
    • disqualification of a director
    • failure to pay money owing under a court order
    • trading while insolvent;
  • It be more appropriately dealt with by a law enforcement agency, court or tribunal;
  • It is already under investigation by law enforcement agency;
  • Legal action, including a court or tribunal process, relating to the same matter has already commenced;
  • There’s a claim for non-economic loss;
  • It is frivolous, vexatious or being brought for an improper purpose.

ATIA does not tolerate any threatening or abusive behaviour towards ATIA staff. Where this occurs, your complaint will be immediately closed and referred to another agency. 

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Updated on August 23, 2023

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