What if I book a holiday and don’t get what I paid for?

First, contact the travel agent or tour operator with whom you booked for assistance. If you’ve booked with an ATAS-accredited business, lodged a formal complaint with them and are not satisfied with their complaint resolution, you may submit a complaint to ATIA. ATIA manages complaints under the ATAS Code of Conduct and assesses whether a breach of the Code has occurred. 

To understand ATIA’s complaint escalation process, read more here.

Request a chargeback: If you booked using a credit card, you may be eligible for a chargeback. Read more here.

Domestic flights: For Australian airline bookings, contact the Airline Customer Advocate, if you have a problem with a participating airline. 

Take further action: If you are not satisfied with ATIA’s outcome to your complaint, or you choose not to lodge a complaint with ATIA, you can contact the consumer protection agency in your state or territory or a court or tribunal.

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Updated on November 8, 2023

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