What outcome can I expect from submitting a complaint against an ATAS-accredited travel business?

In the first instance, the ATAS Compliance Manager will seek to resolve the matter by mutual agreement. 

The outcome may be:

  1. mutual resolution;
  2. ATIA finds the agent has already taken, or proposes to take, action that sufficiently resolves the complaint;
  3. ATIA requires the ATAS business to take particular action;
  4. ATIA finds no breach of the code has occurred and closes the complaint; or
  5. ATIA refers the matter to the ATAS Complaints Appeal Committee (ACAC) for independent investigation.

ATIA may issue a rectification order where economic loss has been suffered – that is, where you have incurred expenses or are out of pocket. ATIA and ACAC are not a compensatory body. If you are seeking compensation for pain and suffering, this is better handled by a court or tribunal.

The code allows for the right of appeal of any decision by the ATAS Compliance Manager to ACAC (ATAS Complaints Appeal Committee). Find out more about ACAC here.

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Updated on August 23, 2023

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